Welcome to the website for ConverSplitter Plus!

Latest version (v1.01) released on 2017-12-21 (download now!)

Let’s face it: working with conversational data and transcript data is a lot of hard work. You’ve worked (or had your RAs work) for dozens of hours getting all of your language data transcribed into nicely-formatted files, complete with tags of who is speaking at each turn. Now, you want to run some analyses on each person’s language samples. A lot of the time, this means that you have to go back through all of your files and separate out the language for each speaker. Exhausting!

Enter ConverSplitter Plus! This software will help split apart your transcribed files by each speaker, making it fast and easy to look at the language of each person in your texts individually. Why, it can even help you detect the speaker tags in your files and remove extraneous information like timestamps!