This software is completely free. If you really want to exchange money for this software, please consider donating what you can to a charity that you believe in.

The latest version of ConverSplitter Plus! can be downloaded here:

Version 1.01, released on 2017-12-21

Download the ConverSplitter Plus! Installer

Download the ConverSplitter Plus! Portable Version

ConverSplitter Plus! Source Code on GitHub: link

ConverSplitter Plus! is currently only being developed with Windows in mind. You will need to install Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 in order to run this program. You can download this version of .NET from the official Microsoft webpage, located here:

If you are a Mac user, this application should also work by running it under Mono using the command “mono ConverSplitterPlus.exe”.

Note: Special thanks to Shelby Curtis for being an early tester of the software. Her initial inquiry about separating dyadic conversations helped motivate me to develop this software in the first place.