This software is completely free. If you really want to exchange money for this software, please consider donating what you can to a charity that you believe in.

The latest version of Transmogrifier can be downloaded here:

Version 0.85, released on 2018-09-29

Installer Version: (download link)

Portable Version: (download link)

Transmogrifier Source Code on GitHub: link

The Transmogrifier is currently only being developed for Windows. You will need to install Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 in order to run this software (if it’s not already installed on your computer). This can be downloaded from the official Microsoft site, located here:

There is a good chance that this software could run on non-Windows machines using Mono. However, I have not personally tried this yet.


I have done my best to ensure that this software works correctly and minimizes the likelihood of errors in the use of the Google Cloud Translate service. However, there is a possibility that this software still contains bugs / issues that may lead to sub-optimal performance. Should I become aware of any issues, I will do my best to fix them in a prompt fashion. If you encounter any bugs/issues with this software, please let me know.

That being said, this software is provided as-is and with no guarantees. I assume no liability, direct or otherwise, that may result from your use of this software. You are responsible for all charges resulting from your use of the Google Cloud platform and related services.