How to Use

The 2 most important things to know about using the Transmogrifier:

1) You will need to set up a Google Cloud account to use this program.

In short, this program connects to the Google Cloud Translate service to perform text translations. For the most part, the Google Cloud platform is used by developers to do all kinds of web and computational work on the cloud. To those who are unfamiliar with the Google Cloud platform, this might seem a bit daunting or confusing. However, I have written a very direct, step-by-step guide for getting your account set up and ready to use. The instructions can be viewed here:

2) While this software is free, the Google Cloud Translate API is a paid service

You can read more about their pricing here:

The pricing is linked with something called “Quotas” — this is essentially the amount of text that you allow yourself to process in a single day in order to avoid accidentally overcharging yourself. You can adjust your quotas to be as high or low as you want to facilitate faster text processing. You can read more about quotas for this service here:

At the time of this writing (2018-07-12), the default quota allows you to process 2,000,000 characters per day (corresponding to roughly a $40 USD cost). This corresponds to roughly 400,000 English words or so.

If you have a larger amount of text that you need to translate, you can increase your quota to as high as you need, including “unlimited”.

While this may seem a bit expensive, keep in mind that standard prices for manual translation services often start their pricing at ~$30 USD for a single page of text.

Once you have the text that you’d like to translate contained within .txt files, running the software is very straight-forward. You simply select the input language, as well as the language that you would like to translate your texts to, and the rest is pretty straight-forward. There are a handful of settings that you can change, although doing so is not recommended unless you know what you’re doing.

Rate Limit Sleep Time (seconds): This option specifies the amount of time that the software will sleep once the rate limit has been reached. The Cloud Translate service only allows you to translate a certain number of characters per 100-second interval, and the Transmogrifier will smartly handle these limits to respect the Cloud Translate API rules.

Max Characters Per Request: Currently, the Cloud Translate API documentation recommends transmitting no more than 5000 characters at a time for translation. The Transmogrifier will smartly segment texts into chunks that are no larger than the number specified here (while also making sure to not split words apart).

Max Retries Per Request: Should there be a communication error with the Cloud Translate API, this is the number of times that the Transmogrifier will attempt to retry its request before moving on.