The proper citation for TAPA is as follows:

Boyd, R. L. (2017). TAPA: Textual Affective Properties Analyzer (v.1.1.0) [Software]. Available from

Update History

2017-12-16 — Added the ability to make frequency counts and raw sums optional for cleaner output / smaller output files. This is probably how most people would want to use the software, so now it’s in there! Happy Holidays! ?

2017-07-05 — Made a few changes to make the program a bit more efficient. Primarily, changes involve pre-allocating dictionaries.

2017-07-01 — More bugfixes. Added more safeguards for dictionary loading/processing.

2017-06-30 — Added debugging output to dictionary loading method in case of errors. Minor fixes.

2017-06-30 — Reworked the dictionary loading code. Now reads more directly from file, resulting in far faster loading times, as well as the ability to (theoretically) load far larger dictionary files, assuming that the user has enough RAM to do so.

2017-06-29 — Reworked the engine a bit. External dictionaries now load far faster. TAPA can now handle dictionaries far larger than previous versions. Added a number of smaller safeguards to prevent user from changing values while TAPA is validating. Other minor UI updates.

2017-05-21 — Added an external dictionary safeguard.

2017-05-21 — Added the ability to cancel during analysis. Minor UI tweaks.

2017-05-20 — Uploaded version 1.0.3.