Data Prep Scripts

On this page I have provided scripts that z-score and gives descriptive statistics of the content categories and variation indices. The SAS script also performs a rough calculation of the “Thinking Style” factors as described by Pennebaker (2011), along with a few others. You can download the script and modify it as necessary for whatever coding schemes you are using (i.e., removing unused coding schemes). If anyone wants to port the script over to SPSS or any other package (or just make a better script than what I can!), I would be happy to upload it here with full credit given to you.

Download the SAS script here (outdated, but largely complete): RIOTScan Prep

Download the R script here: RIOTScan Prep Script.R

Note that the LIWC2007 dictionary is no longer included in RIOT Scan, so some of the variables used in the formulae are not built-in to the software anymore and will need to be acquired via the official LIWC software.