Content Coding Output

As of version 1.5.0, most content coding systems will also output a “DictPercent” index. This value reflects the percentage of words in the text that were detected by the associated content coding system.

With regards to interpreting the metrics, the vast majority of measures calculated by RIOT Scan are reflected as percentages of total words. The exceptions to this are variables that end with one of the following:


These stand for “mean”, “standard deviation”, and “mean standard deviation”. Descriptions of these variables can be found within the RIOT Scan Output Information sheet (below).

The content coding output information is now contained within a single Excel (.xlsx) file, as it is easier to maintain and distribute this way.

RIOT Scan Output Information (updated on 2015-05-20)

For all of these content coding categories, please ensure that you use the proper citations when reporting methods and results — citations are generated in the same directory as your output when you perform content coding in RIOT Scan.