Welcome to MEH

Latest Version: 2.3.02 (Updated on 2023-02-14) (download here)

The Meaning Extraction Helper is a free tool that streamlines the extraction and analysis of information from text data. Unlike content coding software (e.g., LIWC, WordStat), the Meaning Extraction Helper is highly dynamic and extraordinarily flexible for extracting word and phrase data from your text. The Meaning Extraction Helper is useful for many tasks, including:

  • Creating datasets that can be used in statistical analyses and topic modeling procedures
  • Creating datasets for quick and easy semantic network analyses
  • Processing customized content-coding schemes that users have created
  • Analysis of “big data” — has been tested on datasets that contain over 10┬ámillion text files
  • Analyzing text in virtually any language
  • Word frequency analysis
  • Combining different versions of the same word (e.g., “run”, “running”, and “ran”)
  • Several forms of output that reflect different ways of weighting/handling text data)

…and several other tasks.

The Meaning Extraction Helper is currently being developed for use in over 15 different languages, allowing for cross-cultural research applications. If you are interested in being a credited contributor to the Meaning Extraction Project, please contact Ryan L. Boyd via e-mail.