This software is completely free. I have had a number of people suggest that I should charge money for the software, but I like to keep things cheap. If you really want to exchange money for this software, please consider donating what you can to a charity that you believe in.

Download MEH v2

MEH is a Windows-only application at the moment, and it requires that you install version Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 installed. This can be downloaded from the official Microsoft webpage, located here:

To download the latest version (Version 2.1.07), choose your preferred version:

MEH Installer for Windows — (download)

Portable Version (non-installer version) — (download)

Source code (link)

For Mac / Linux users: This program has been tested out on the Mono Framework and seems to work without any problems (except the user interface looks a bit off). You should be able to successfully run the “Portable Version” above using Mono. Here is an example of MEH running on a Raspberry Pi (Raspbian distro):

Note that MEH has not been tested extensively on MacOS or Linux, and if there are any issues on these platforms, they will likely be very difficult for me to troubleshoot / fix. Preliminary tests suggest no problems, however.