About MEH

The Meaning Extraction Helper (MEH) was created by Ryan L. Boyd in order to facilitate the speedy, accurate, and clean engagement in the meaning extraction method, which was first introduced in 2008 by Dr. Cindy K. Chung and Dr. James W. Pennebaker. Since then, the software has been expanded considerably to include things like term frequency-inverse document frequency data, output that can be used for other topic models (like LDA), and even semantic network graphs and other forms of distributed semantic representations.

Comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome!

The proper citation for the Meaning Extraction Helper is:
Boyd, R. L. (2018). MEH: Meaning Extraction Helper (Version 2.2.03) [Software]. Available from https://www.ryanboyd.io/software/meh



This software is dedicated to the memory of Jennifer J. Malin. If you find the Meaning Extraction Helper of use in your work, please consider donating to the Jennifer Malin Endowment.


If you would like to contribute to the Meaning Extraction Project, please send an e-mail to Ryan L. Boyd. The following individuals have helped to contribute to this project in various capacities, and are due proper thanks:

  • Kate Blackburn
  • Cindy K. Chung
  • Katie Hoemann
  • Elif Ikizer
  • Paola Pasca
  • James W. Pennebaker
  • Nairán Ramírez-Esparza